What the fuck is a Lets Play?

This shit is considered to be funny. I mean RAPE LOL!

This shit is considered to be funny. I mean RAPE LOL!

I may be old, but I am not new to the interwebs. No, unlike most of you, I was around for the birth of the internet. We all gathered at a stable in Bethlehem with gifts, it was a confusing time back then…I seem to have, however missed a fucking memo, because the last time I checked, we played video games, we didn’t watch some snotty nosed shitheel stutter and drool for twenty minutes into a webcam. In the famous words of the late Michael Jackson “I don’t mind the kids as long as they stay quiet.” Call me an old fool, but Let’s Play is not entertainment. You are literally watching somebody play a video game. The reason my parents got me video games in the first place was so that I would shut up and fuck off up to my room for eighteen years and to come back down a desensitised, shell of a deprived, middleclass man. I did notice that there are a few major players in this field. The most prevalent, a Swedish teenager named Pewdiepie, to whose name I am including in my tags for extra views, because yes, I am that kind of a heartless bastard. This guy does nothing but yell profanities into his webcam and occasionally flail his arm around, in a way that I can only imagine is him channelling his inner-blonde-Viking. I am all ears for any kind of new form of entertainment, but these guys, including the fair skinned maiden I mentioned above are simply doing what all other gamers do….And making a fortune off of it.

To me, Let’s Plays are just like anal sex. You’ll hate it as an adult just as much as you hated it as a kid. Play your own games and enjoy them damn it!


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