Something You Didn’t Know About Me

I am contemplating writing up a review of my five favourite horror movies, but would it stray too far from the theme of my blog?

Pictured above, an evil little sausage demon!

Pictured above, an evil little sausage demon!

I am a big old-school horror buff. I have also on occasion, found myself terrified by movies that for all intents and purposes were not filmed or marketed with the horror genre in mind. Take for example ET (The Extra Terrestrial). Yes, you did in fact read that last line correctly. ET scared the balls out of me when it was released in the United Kingdom. As to why it sacred me to such a great extent, to this day I cannot fathom the reason why…I was in my twenties at the time so childhood fears couldn’t have played part. If I was to try and give at least one explanation, albeit a vague one I think it would have to be that ET himself always reminded me of some kind of sausage demon. That may sound a little outlandish, but try to image what would happen if some evil butcher got some of those strings of sausages and squished them together to create a little man.

    Let me know what you think!


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