Older Gamers Need a Voice!


I believe in two things. That my opinions matter greatly and are, through the lack of easy to use and understandable access, overshadowed by those expressed by the younger gaming demographic. The second being that my ability to cook Minute Rice in fifty-nine seconds should be more widely accepted as god-like and coveted by most third world countries…

I believe that gamers, but more importantly, the older gamers need to have a voice. We deserve the right to voice our views publicly, and to have just as much input into the world of video games as our younger counterparts have. I wish to become the glimmering, yet stern face of my gaming generation. Like a prison shower lover who gently caresses your hair as he ploughs your anus to oblivion. I am to the gaming community what Shaquille O’neal was to basketball, a bit too long and dark but he did his job well either way!

Never forget that I was around for the golden age of video games, long before the days of knife crime and suicidal internet teens!


2 thoughts on “Older Gamers Need a Voice!

  1. claudiajustsaying

    I’m not a gamer but happy to give feedback. I think you’re on to something, like the trips to the past. My caution, keep text short, I quickly went to skimming. . . Claudia


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