I am Being Taken Away Today…


I can imagine that right now, your mind if rife with colourful visions of me being taken away to some retirement home, flailing my arms around like some kind of shrivelled up old rag doll whilst profusely yelling something about being afraid of leaving my pet dog at home alone, even though the dog died seven years ago, and I had in correlation, been both feeding and bathing a paper towel tube with four small straws attached to it for said seven years…Because that’s what old folk do apparently.

More realistically and far closer to the truth, later today I shall be taking a break from my far too obviously mundane, obsessively self loathing life. I am travelling up to the the nipple inverting, chilly peaks of Scotland, a place to which remains the only destination other than my home that still holds anything I find even remotely interesting, or more importantly, constitutes any validity on my parting with any amount of money.

I will return soon though, so keep those little peepers peeled!


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