Bio: I was once like you, spotty, paler than a pint full of cum, fantasizing over what treasures lay hidden between a females legs...But now I am older, and therefore wiser. Thus, my words are wisdom and my writing is offensive... Please take my musings with a pinch of salt...If your a masochistic slug, you are welcome!

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. kutukamus

    Hi, I have no idea about games nowdays (meaning I’m very wise). But for wisdom sake,
    Best design: Wizardry VII – Crusaders of the Dark Savant
    Best game ever: Soko-ban.

  2. mygamingdays Post author

    Soko-ban! Or sorkobarn as we used to pronounce it back in the day was great! A perfect example of why great core game play mechanics can far out-do the lack of other “expected” features. You sir are now in my “Wise old men/women/maybe more gender specific/hopefully not taken as racist” club!
    As my old Dad used to say, You can’t cook minute rice in a minute…

  3. kutukamus

    Hi there, thanks for the follow. Doing some checking, I just notice that you don’t include a link to your blog in your gravatar. I wonder if you do this deliberately. If that is so, fine, I believe you have your reasons. But if otherwise, I guess having a link there would make our blog all the more reachable (or findable, for that matter), including to chance visitors. Cheers!

    PS: It might have been more proper if this go to your email. But since I don’t know yours, I put this here anyway. Feel free to delete/reject, no hard feelings. 🙂


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