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I may or may not be back

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I may be returning to the blogging scene…Christ almighty, have I missed it. I’ve been tremendously busy lately and to be honest, my blog was suffering so much like with the family dog, I took it out back and put it out of its misery. Misery, here of course being used relatively predicatively as a synonym for ceasing my blogging antics, and by “family dog” I am obviously referring to┬ámy ex-wife, and by “took it out back” I mean…LISTEN, THE COPS SAID THE STAINS AND THE CLOWN OUTFIT WERE INCONCLUSIVE!

Watch this space, or see if I post anything new, your best bet being the latter. On a parting note, and as something to ponder upon. As my old dad used to say. Son what’s ET short for? well he’s only got little legs you can;t blame him for that.


Welcome all gamers, from far and wide…Here’s my wisdom, there’s dick jokes inside!


Howdy everybody, welcome to my blog. My name is Daryl, and I am a washed up, retired old gamer. I’m one of those guys that starts every conversation related to gaming with “Back in my day!” I have a strong dislike for video games nowadays. Actually, I hate them. I mean, I really hate them. You know when you’re having a cup of coffee (or tea if you are a woman) and you have a few biscuits by your side, ready to be dipped into said coffee. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? That is, until you leave one of the poor little bastards in for too long like your some biscuit hating American soldier out to give the Afghans supply of Mcvities some water freedom. The poor, defenceless little guys ass comes flying off as he melts into the coffee, bringing up long forgotten memories of the final scenes from terminator 2, almost expecting the remaining biscuit to give you a thumbs up as his crumbling corpse is painfully dissolved into your drink.. Aside from the now obvious fact that biscuit killing is and shall always be a hideous crime…I hate modern video games more than losing my beloved biscuits.

There’s my intro, now you know nothing about me, follow me on an adventure…An adventure into Retro Town, a magical, creative place where you can read my whimsical rants about video games!

Alex shares my view on modern video games

Alex shares my view on modern video games